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ND 1100 Quadra-Chek User Guide
ND 1200 Quadra-Chek User Guide
Quadra-Chek 200 (QC-200)

Measure Magic
Probe any 2D or 3D feature and the QC-5000 knows, automatically, what type of feature you are measuring. Datum Magic, an extension of our patented Measure Magic technology enables automatic part alignment to be performed by probing a sequence of datum features. Now you can inspect features as fast as you can think of them-and puch the work, not the buttons. With our autorepeat mode and a remote finish key, the operator cna inspect an entire part without ever looking at or touching the computer. This is ideal for large CMMs, where the inspector isn't close to the readout...a real time saver, from the leader in innvative metrology solutions.

Sensible Constructions

Do you want the line that intersects two planes? Or the circle that's created form the intersection of a plane and a cone? A distance between a 3D point and the center of a sphere? The QC-5000's intuitive user interface allows you to choose the construction and then select the features for use in the construction directly form the graphical part view. There is no need for multiple pages of different construction icons.

Quadra-Chek 5000 (QC-5000)
Easy Probe Selection

The user can select from a library of qualified probes and install the ones used most frequently in the toolbar. Just click the mouse to select them. The user can select probe tips from a star probe simply by moving the probe in the direction of the tip to be activated...the operator doesn't have to touch...or look at...the computer!

Multiple Options Part Views
Multiple-Plan Views: The QC-5000 offers true graphical part representation. Its Graphical Interface provides all the information you need in an intuitive format with four independent views: 3D modeling, XY, YZ or ZX plan view. Tolerancing or construction features may be selected from any of the views.

Measure your first part and the QC-5000 learns the datums, measuring sequence, tolerances, and reporting functions and then visually leads you through subsequent part inspections by following the flashing cursor. You simply select the program from an icon on the toolbar.

Part View Controls: Zoom in, zoom out, zoom to fit, zoom in on a selected area, pan and rotate functions, make the QC-5000 the most complete CMM readout available.

Quick View: Toolbar buttons allow the operator to view the part from any of a number of preselected orientations and elevations.

View From Probe: The QC-5000 allows you to view the graphical part representation as if you were viewing th part from the tip of the touch probe.

Layer Control: Inspectors can view the entire part at once, or organize features into "layers" making the graphical interface easier to use and understand. Ideal for complex parts with mulitple geometries, layer control gives the user control over which features are visible and which are hidden for use later in the measuring routine.



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