Calypso Basic

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Course Description

Calypso Basic:
CALYPSO is the core software module in the Carl Zeiss lineup of Windows software packages. It uses a Graphical User Interface and provides the necessary functionality to measure, analyze and report dimensional information of both prismatic shapes and non-uniform curves. Toward the end of the fourth day of the class time will be allowed for questions regarding trainee's parts. The instructor is available for consultation. Following this class, it is recommended that the student accumulate 160 hours of machine time prior to attending other training programs.

Understand basic coordinate metrology and introduce the components of the CMM
Provide participants with accepted metrology practices for CMM based inspection/programming.
Learn how to create alignments, measure features, report characteristic information, build measurement plans, and execute programs.
Show participants how to apply the GDT functionality of the software.
Overall - provide participants with the skills to begin inspecting parts.

Reasons for Attending:

As with any other CNC machine, the CMM cannot be effectively used or supported unless the user has been trained by a factory certified instructor. This training program lays the foundation skills necessary for both the beginner and experienced programmer. Object oriented measuring concepts are introduced that must be understood in order to use Calypso to its full potential. Although classes are offered optionally at the customer facility, it is recommended that this basic class be taken at a ZEISS Training Center. This is to minimize typical "customer site" interruptions.

Who Should Attend:
This program is designed for anyone who wants to understand more about CMMs. Particular emphasis is
placed on those who are responsible for programming and interpreting measuring plan results.

Course Outline:
• Probe calibration, alignments, and basic coordinate metrology.
Feature measurement using trigger (ST and RDS)
Control-Plan (program) creation, editing and execution
Measuring plans
Base alignments
Qualification of probes
Algorithms, Characteristic reporting.
Introduction to CAD based inspection

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